Doha Metro Opening

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Doha Metro by Qatar Rail opening

Welcome to Ultimate Freggle’s Blog! This page is about the Doha Metro and provides answers to the most commonly asked questions. Scroll directly down to go to that section, but even better, read on to find out a bit more about me.

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The Doha Metro video was recorded by me out of enthusiasm for the opening of this massive project. I have been keen to go and have a look how it operated, after driving past the stations being built for quite a few years. The result was this Youtube Video. Because a lot of questions are being dropped in the comment section about the Metro, I will try to answer the most common ones here below. If you have any additions or corrections, please don’t hesitate to let me know by email on theultimatefreggle -at-
The first source of information on the Doha Metro is of course the website by Qatar Rail

But some of the most common questions, I have been able to answer below:

What are the opening times of the Doha Metro?
As of now the Metro is open from 8am until 23pm, during sunday-thursday. It is closed during the weekends to enable further works to be completed on the other stations that are not done yet.

What ticket options are available?
A single journey ticket costs 2 QR. A day pass costs 6 QR. A reloadable travel card can be bought for 30 QR and includes 20 QR travel credit.

Which stations are open right now?
Many stations on the red line are open now, but these station on the red line are still closed: Hamad Intl Airport, Katara, Legtaifya, Qatar University and Lusail.

When will other stations and lines open?
I have not been able to find this information unfortunately.

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