Meeting with Zatara

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How cool would it be to meet your favourite YouTube Sailing channel in real life! Sailing Zatara are an amazing crew and family, and we met them when we were both anchored in Marmaris Turkey! Find out in this article what is was like, meeting with Zatara!

So where we just lucky to bump into them?

The days before the meeting, we had been really enjoying sailing in Turkey. We went from the Butterfly Valley past Oludeniz on to Fethiye, where we met a wonderful German family with kids. We had lots in common with them, and so decided to continue our journeys together going west. When arriving in Marmaris, we first anchored in the eastern bay. After all, it looked like it offered the best protection against the current wind and waves. But not long after, the wind turned west, and we moved to the main bay. And that’s where we found out that Zatara was there too!

It didn’t take long before we saw Keith of Zatara scoot past in his supercharged tender =) and to our surprise he had our little Lilly on board, who had been visiting our German friends on their boat.

Lilly arrives in the Zatara tender

What meeting with Zatara was like

Yosha was so keen to see the Zatara kids and their boat, and when asked, Keith didn’t hesitate to invite us on board. The whole tour that followed is on our Youtube channel, you can watch the video here! Of course I asked, “Is it ok to film our visit and put it up on Youtube?”. And yes they were absolutely fine with it.

Of course when offered we took the Sailing Zatara stickers. We stuck them all over our own boat, in Yosha’s bedroom and on our little dinghy!

Sometimes it was hard to tell who was more excited, Reinier, daddy of the family, or the kids! In a way I felt like we had already completed our sailing mission now. We met the coolest Youtube sailors in the world, surely we are done with our adventure now, right!?

Where do we go sailing from here?

Welll… after a bit of thought we decided we should continue anyway. After all, what is our Dutch Sailing Family adventure really worth, if we haven’t even been to the Caribbean or French Polynesia.. or New Guinea!! The list goes on!

At the time of writing we are in Europe, Sicily, safely in the marina for the winter. But we’re doing projects and getting ready for when the summer starts again!

At the same time, for us, the Dutch Sailing Family, this adventure is a mission to become truly free. We are working hard to start living as a digital nomad family, and we try to post regularly here on our blog to tell you about the progress. Read here for example about the ideas that we have in mind!

We have so many different income stream ideas! But we are still looking for the one that’s the perfect fit for us. If you’re looking for the same, check back here often for inspiration, and head over to Youtube to follow us there as well!