We Bought a Sailing Catamaran!

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Finally it happened. We dreamed of this for years now. In Cyprus we found the boat that we think we can spend the next many years on with our little family, to sail around the world and do our own exploring.

We are really excited to share this mainly on Youtube with all of you. Both to inspire and to entertain.

For the next few months we will be in a transition period. We bought the boat but we haven’t moved onto it permanently yet. But that will happen in a few months time! Meanwhile we can arrange the move, and visit the boat as often as possible to carry out the necessary upgrade, maintenance and repair work.

We are determined to share the journey from the beginning, so don’t hesitate to subscribe on Youtube to follow it all. We’ve been making weekly Youtube videos since 2019. They have been focused mainly on Qatar, as that is where we lived. But that will gradually start to change. If you are interested to see how we adapt to live on the sea, this is the right place.

We’re giving up our paid job to be able to do this, so if you want to support us around the world, Patreon is optional! We aim to post regular personal updates, so we can be connected.

If you haven’t seen the video in which we reveal buying the sailing catamaran, it’s here over on Youtube!