Best Trampoline Setup Ever!

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I have to admit it, my interests are quite wide, and there’s quite a few things that I am passionate about. And so anyone subscribing to my Youtube channel will see that the subject of my videos is often a surprise! In general though, my channel will always revolve around adventures related to flying, kitesurfing, sailing, travel and Qatar.

Today however I published a video that hardly fits any of those categories. We recently build up, reviewed and demonstrated our Plum 55″ Trampoline on Youtube. And so it came naturally to try and have some exciting times using this trampoline and the Bestway Swimming Pool that we installed and reviewed earlier!

And so today we finished editing and uploading the adventure we had with our Trampoline and Bestway Pool. It was lots of fun to aim all sorts of objects at the Trampoline and see if we could have them end up in the Swimming Pool. And the game was actually a little harder than we thought!

Even Yosha had a go as well and she had lots of fun with it. She also has her own channel on Youtube now, and did her own recordings, so we should really publish her take on this adventure too! Expect that to come in the near future! In the meantime, enjoy our latest video below. And rest assured that more travel, flying, sailing and Qatar content is coming to channel faster than you think!

Our Trampoline and Pool Adventure