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Bestway Steel Frame Pool review

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Bestway Pool Review on Youtube

In this article I will review my recently purchased Bestway Steel Frame Pool as best I can! I’ll start with a review of the box contents, then describe the setup procedure, finishing off with a pro’s and cons overview and our experiences with it!

I purchased the Bestway Steel Pro Pool in Lulu hypermarket in Qatar, but it is also available in many online stores if you are living elsewhere. So you can easily buy a Bestway Steel Frame Pool Online.

When we picked up the box, we quickly opened it up and found the following contents:

  • the canvas of the pool itself.
  • the steel frame tubes
  • connecting pieces and corner pieces
  • 2 filter hose plugs and a drain cap
  • an printed instruction manual

We then continued with setting up of the Bestway Steel Pro Pool. Firstly you want to make sure you are putting it up on a level surface. If your surface is not level, you should make it so. Then you want to make sure that there are no sharp items protruding out of this surface, that could damaged the pool floor. We used some Yoga mats underneath to make sure it was nice and soft.

Next you will lay out the canvas of the pool itself, nice and tidy in the correct position, becuase once filled with water, it will be impossible to move of course.

You then need to lay out the correct steel tubes. They are labelled with letter so that should not be too difficult. Once laid out you can insert them in the pool edge sleeve, and use the plastic connection pieces and corner pieces to put it all together. Once that is done, you can add the vertical components of the steel frame, which is when the pool will start taking it’s final shape.

When that is all done, it is time to add water! Fill it up in steps, making sure the floor surface is even and not wrinkled. Make sure there are no leaks and no assembly issues, and then you can continue filling up, according to the instruction manual.

The process is said to take 20 minutes, it took me slightly longer as I was taking a video of it all at the same time.

Once filled with water it is time for the fun to begin!

My pro’s and con’s of this Bestway Steel Frame Pool:


  • Easy to setup, it really does not take long at all
  • Versatility: you can have a pool almost anywhere, in my case I had it set up on the roof top floor!
  • The materials used seem durable, both the canvas of the pool and the steel tubing for the frame should last many years I think.


  • The pool is not very deep. Now I am a tall guy, the water level only reaches my knees. But it probably is for the better when there are kids playing in it.
  • The pool set does not include any products or tools to keep it clean. If you have the pool set up for more than a few days, you will definitely need those though. I will soon add a list of handy tools to the bottom of this review for you.
  • My pool set did not include a filter pump. But I have seen some other pool sets, do include a pump. Keep an eye on this when buying. Of course a separate pump can be bought anytime. I bought this Intex brand pump and it fitted perfectly with special adapter pieces included.

And that is my review of this Bestway Steel Pro pool! If you are interested in purchasing, you can buy it on Amazon here.

If you are living in Qatar, I managed to buy my pool in Lulu hypermarket.

I hope you found this review useful, please let me know in a comment!

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