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Intex Pool Review

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As we enter into a new lockdown in Qatar, we thought it a great idea to set up a fresh Intex Pool. And since we have plenty time on our hands due to the global pandemic, why not add in a full review for you?

We purchased the Intex Metal Frame Pool in size 10 feet by 30 inches. Or 3.1 x 0.76 meters. We checked exactly what was in the box. And then we set the whole pool up according to Intex instructions. The next day it was time for a swim, and after that we thought we were in a good position to review this round Intex Pool. To make it easier for you, we put all of it in a video. Watch it below!

For more information, any questions or comments on Intex Pools, setting up or otherwise, just leave us comment here or on Youtube. Thanks and happy swimming!!