Thunderstorms in Qatar

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We all take about it.. When we are planning for a day out, when we are a bit nervous meeting new people, to check what clothes to wear.. You name it!

It’s also one of my hobbies. I wake up wondering what the wind will do today. Is there going to be enough wind for foil kiting? Or will I be able to take one of my smaller kites, or even go paragliding…

And living in the desert of Qatar it might seem that the sun is always out, it’s always warm.. So what can you really be excited for? And then a day like this comes up! At the start of the summer, when nobody was expecting it anymore.

Big clouds cover the sky, the compound has a shade all over it. And looking out at the seaside, there are big thunderstorm clouds. Like a puppy i’m jumping up and down and can’t wait to jump into the car and drive over there. As you can see in this videoclip, it gives such amazing sky views. Huge clouds moving fast, wind sweeping up the girls hair, and white caps on the waves in the sea. Have a look for yourself!

By the way, do you know how thunderstorms are formed? I borrowed the text below from Wikipedia

“Thunderstorms result from the rapid upward movement of warm, moist air, sometimes along a front. However, some kind of cloud forcing, whether it is a front, shortwave trough, or another system is needed in order for the air to rapidly accelerate upward. As the warm, moist air moves upward, it cools, condenses, and forms a cumulonimbus cloud that can reach heights of over 20 kilometres (12 mi). As the rising air reaches its dew point temperature, water vapor condenses into water droplets or ice, reducing pressure locally within the thunderstorm cell. Any precipitation falls the long distance through the clouds towards the Earth’s surface. As the droplets fall, they collide with other droplets and become larger. The falling droplets create a downdraft as it pulls cold air with it, and this cold air spreads out at the Earth’s surface, occasionally causing strong winds that are commonly associated with thunderstorms.”