Al Khor Carnival Qatar a huge success

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The al Khor Carnival taking place at the al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar, has come to a closure. It was a huge succes attracting visitors from all over the country, all overjoyed that such an event could take place amidst the Corona pandemic that has taken hold worldwide.

The al Khor Carnival offered food, drinks, games and exhibition. An all-round great place to come out and spend fee time. The Carnival attracted huge flocks of crowds quite quickly, meaning it was a big succes. Unfortunately that success in itself may have caused the early closure of the festival. On january 30th 2021 it was announced the carnival would be closed that day for sterilization procedures. Unfortunately the Carnival at Al Bayt World Cup Stadium did not reopen after that day.

However if you would still like to get an impression of the festivities, here are two videos, one recorded at the opening day, the other a few days later in the evenings, showing the beautiful Zoo of Lights. Another amazing event that unfortunately fell prey to the complications of the worldwide Corona pandemic.