Find a Job in Qatar

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While I mostly like to write about adventures and spending free time, in Qatar and abroad, I often get asked what I know about getting a job in Qatar. In this article I will tell you all I know. Giving you lots of information and helpful tips so you can enjoy a career in Qatar too, just like I have, for the past 10 years! There are some great websites with job listings which I will reveal below. And if you are wondering what salaries you can earn in Qatar, I will reveal that too. Keep reading!

Of course Qatar offers great opportunities, not charging any income tax and needing lots of professionals at many different levels to keep the country growing at such an amazing rate.

To find yourself such a job, you will have to take action yourself. I can not find the job for you. What I can do is guide you with a few steps, that are going to make the process a whole lot easier! I have given those steps in my Youtube video titled Find Jobs in Qatar. This article is written to supplement that video, providing all the links to other websites, and information in easy to read text format.

Many workers in Qatar actually found their job through an agency in their home country. I mention a few of those in my Youtube video. Here is a list of agencies in each country, to help you find that Job in Qatar.

Phillipines – C B K Agency

Bangladesh – Musar Agency

Kenya – Maimouna Agency

Uganda – West Coast Agency
Telephone: +233541736570

I am doing my best to obtain more contact details for these agencies, when available, I will add them to this list.

If you would like to browse online for jobs available in Qatar, I recommend the following websites:

If you are looking for a management or higher position job in Qatar, many of those are fulfilled through contacts / networking and headhunting. I highly recommend expanding gaining connections with people already working in these positions, using websites such as and In Qatar it can make a huge difference who you know, so networking is probably essential. Many friends and neighbours I’ve talked to in management positions where recruited by headhunting, rather than them applying for the job themselves!


Salaries in Qatar of course cover a huge range. But still for your reference I will give a few examples of typical jobs along with their normal salaries

Supermarket checkout assistant: 1600 qar / month – flight provided at start and end of contract – free shared accommodation

Cleaner: 1700 qar / month – flight provided at start and end of contract – free shared accommodation

Trolleyboy – 600 qar / month – flight provided at start and end of contract – free shared accommodation

General Nurse – 7000 qar / month

Sales Representative – 5000-10000 qar / month

Senior Accountant – 8000 qar / month

Facility Manager – 10000-15000 qar / month

I will expand this article as more information becomes available. If you have any specific questions, or information you think should be added here, please leave a comment below, and I will get back to you!

Also, below is the video version of this article, titled Finding Jobs in Qatar