Kitefoiling at the Pearl, Qatar

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In March 2017 I’ve been able to go out again kitefoiling. I’ve been out for one session at the Pearl, a popular sort of western looking neighborhood built in circles with water all around. There are many miles of beaches all around this residential area so excellent potential for kitesurfing. End of last year one of Kitefoil Gold Cup Races was organized here. So it seemed a good place to check out on the kitefoil!

As I went out we chose a nice relatively quiet beach so we wouldn’t disturb anyone and pumped up the kites. Wind was around 12 knots or so building to a little more later on. When were about to hit the water we were met with security investigating what our plans were. Initially though we were good to go. So I hit the water with the foil and had a great time. Stupidly today I forgot to bring my helmet so I decided to go ahead but be really careful with it. It did pay off, I managed to get the foil flying both ways quite a few times! And I didn’t crash.. But I also probably didn’t learn that much. But it was great to get some time on the water again and put all the equipment to use!

Not long after that, I saw security walk up to our spot on the beach again and unfortunately it was game over… So we packed up again.. Now we do know there is a useable spot called QQ beach just nearby.. this place is doable but plagued but gusty winds due to a line of trees on a peninsula just in front of the public beach and a line of huge buoys attached to it. They are apparently there to stop jetski’s entering the swimming area, whereas, lucky enough, kitesurfer are tolerated as long as they jump the buoys quickly and get out to the main waters… Jumping being something quite advanced for kitefoilers!! I might have to write this location off for a while, unless I can find somewhere to launch, and then spent the rest of the day on the water until it’s time to come out and pack up somewhere else again… Must be possible.. Another option would be to get a boat and launch from that, but that requires a bit of a support crew really!!

Waters around ‘the Pearl’, Doha, Qatar

Just about a week later I managed to get out to the north and have a go at foiling. The forecast was for pretty light winds but seemed doable with a 21m kite and a foil board… It turned out I had been a bit too optimistic.. My 21m kite is more than 5 years old and has had a big repair, it just does not perform as it used to. Add to that my very limited experience on the foilboard, and I just wasn’t able to get going. Except for maybe a couple times where I was foiling along but then struggled to start back up to get back.. In the process disappearing downwind a bit too quickly!! I’ve now realized it really is time to get a new light wind kite… and the choice has fallen on a brand new Ozone Chrono V2 Ultralight! My expectations are very high, I hope I will not be disappointed. Getting more and more ready for foiling fun on the water… At the same time I’m prepping my support team (mainly my family 😉 ) to be able to take some quality footage of all the (funny) action.. so exciting times ahead…!!!